Me & My Pet with travel journalist Lottie Gross

We recently spoke to travel journalist Lottie Gross – a dog-adoring writer who is currently working on her second dog-friendly travel book. Her first, Dog-Friendly Weekends: 50 breaks in Britain for you and your dog, is one of our favourite canine-approved guides so we were keen to get her top travel tips and recommendations. Here, she shares all that and more – including a hilarious tale or two about Arty, her spirited Manchester Terrier.

Plus, keep reading until the end to find out how you ca

Pale Hall Review | Pet Inspector

Recently, Kiki the pet inspector took an enchanting journey to the resplendent Pale Hall in Bala, North Wales. Tucked away in the beautiful Welsh countryside, this 5-star, dog-friendly Victorian country house offers an unparalleled retreat for all – especially our furry friends. Surrounded by mountains with Wales’ biggest lake, Llyn Tegid, at its centre, this gorgeous town is the perfect place for a getaway with your pooch. Tag along for this paw-some narrative as Kiki sniffs out the luxurious s

The 10 best year-Round Dog-Friendly Beaches in the UK

Want to know where the best dog-friendly beaches are? Well, after all, whether it’s playing fetch, a stroll across sandy shores or a dip in the sea, dogs and the coast go hand in hand.

However not all British beaches are pup-friendly, particularly during the summer months, which can make it tricky to choose where to take your hound on holiday. So we’ve done the hard work for you and sniffed out ten of the best dog-friendly beaches across the UK.

Some boast rock pools and secret coves, others m

Me & My Pet: Dr Scott

We spoke to Dr Scott Miller, resident vet on ITV’s This Morning show, who also runs his own practice in Isleworth, about life with his two adorable dogs Skully and Ludo, how they enhance his life and how they also get along with his children. We also find out about his charity work in Ukraine with animals caught up in the conflict and his thoughts about animal welfare.

Firstly tell us what you love most about your job and what you are working on at the moment? Also about your charity work in Uk

The 17 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants In Liverpool

Embark on a culinary adventure with your canine companion and our guide to the best dog-friendly restaurants in Liverpool.

Liverpool is a true dog-loving city and has plenty of fantastic places for you and your four-legged friend to explore including Sefton Park, with its famous glasshouse, Otterspool promenade where you can stroll along the River Mersey as well as The Albert Dock with its maritime history and backdrop to the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

So whether you are looking for a brunc

How to prepare your kids for travelling

Whether you’ve got a short or long-haul trip planned this summer, you can never be too prepared especially when travelling with children. So, here are some of our top tips to help get you all ready for your holiday as well as some sun-sational books to pack.

The best way to get any child excited about a holiday is to talk to them about it. Their age will dictate how much they want to know and how much they will really understand the concept, but it’s good to start talking about it regularly eve

The Ultimate Guide To Dog-Friendly Plants

When it comes to using safe garden plants and creating the perfect outdoor space, safety and aesthetics are the essential elements every pet parent should consider. Your garden can indeed be a sanctuary for you and your four-legged friend, provided you’ve ensured the plants you cultivate are dog-friendly and it’s always best to double check before planting.

Some common garden plants can be toxic to pets, causing a range of health issues if ingested. But fear not, there are many beautiful blooms

‘Petiquette’ - Your Essential Guide To Dog-Friendly Travel

A dog-friendly travel guide curated by PetsPyjamas Co-founder Denise Elphick – a travel journalist who has travelled with her Norfolk Terrier, Kiki.

I believe that travelling with your dog makes holidays so much more fun and rewarding and whenever we can my husband, Rory, and I like to include our Norfolk Terrier, Kiki, aka the Pet Inspector, in our plans. She absolutely loves staying in hotels and cottages by the sea -she especially loves long walks on the beach and has even climbed to the top

Is My Dog Overweight? / PetsPyjamas

Just like us, it’s easy for dogs to put on weight and just like us, it’s not so easy to lose. It’s sometimes hard to know the best dog food to choose and also to know how much your dog is eating every day unless you measure it out precisely and treats are especially hard to keep track of. We reward our dogs for coming back in the park, for looking cute in our favourite dog-friendly cafes or restaurants on a gourmet getaway or looking sad or bored. And what pet parent hasn’t on occasion offered u

Me & My Pet: Jack Whitehall & Roxy Horner

We spoke to actor and comedian Jack Whitehall and his model girlfriend Roxy Horner about life with their adorable rescue Cavapoo Coco and why she makes such a difference to their lives. Jack recently starred in the film Clifford the Big Red Dog and Roxy and Jack took Coco along to the premier which she loved and even enjoyed some sneaky popcorn.

Coco has her own Instagram account which features Coco having fun on the beach and even enjoying skateboarding with Roxy!

When did you get Coco and wh

We Celebrate The Queen And Her Love for Corgis / PetsPyjamas

There was so much to love and admire about the Queen – her devotion to duty, her steadfastness, compassion and ability to put people at their ease. But what we especially loved was her devotion to animals, and in particular her Corgis.

Corgis were always in residence wherever the Queen was, whether that be by her side, immortalised in portraits or on china. One of them, Monty, even had a starring role in the James Bond sketch where the Queen was featured parachuting down on to the London Olympi

Working Cocker Spaniel puppies - the lowdown

They may be a very popular breed at the moment, and are of course extremely cute but is a Working Cocker Spaniel the right breed for you? We catch up with Sev and Lily’s mum Steph from Spaniel Life as she helps us to understand what it’s like to own a Spaniel puppy…

Every dog and every puppy needs your time, however Spaniels need a lot! As an exceptionally intelligent breed, training is very important, walks are key and putting in a lot of effort is a must. Lack of exercise and training can bot

Dog leads - choosing the right one for your pet

Just like our furry friends, dog leads come in all shapes and sizes and no one is suitable for every dog and owner. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together the different types of dog leads you can buy to suit yours and your pet’s individual needs and walking style…

The most common type of dog lead, these leads have a handle at one end, a trigger hook clip at the other, and measure between 4 to 8-feet. Standard leads are usually made from leather or nylon, and are ideal for basic t

How to take your dog on holiday to France / PetsPyjamas

Sev and Lily (along with their human, Steph) run a popular Instagram and blog, sharing adventures and travels with their readers. This year they went overseas for the first time on holiday to France where they stayed at Benji’s Gite and travelled via Eurotunnel. Here are their tips on how to do it best…

Know what you need to do

You can find all the information needed for the pet passport scheme, which primarily focuses on bringing your pet back into the UK, on this website. The pet passport sc

Choosing the Right Collar and Lead for Your Best Friend / PetsPyjamas

Walking with your dog is such a lovely experience and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing for both you and your furry friend.

There are so many collars and leads to choose from and it’s beneficial to have more than just one set.

For instance you will need a practical one for muddy walks in the country, a smarter one for visiting friends and for special occasions and a spare collar and lead for when you are travelling …

So, what are the choices?

Synthetic materials – these come in an

Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers: The Unbelievable Facts

Pet owners fight as bad as their feline and canine counterparts! Here are some facts that shed some light on how much our furry friends rub off on us…

With tails in the air like they just don’t care, cats have always danced to their own tune. Cats are as independent as they come (until that tin of food is opened!) and it was only a matter of time until it rubbed off on their owners.

A trip to the park is a major social event for dogs, who make friends easily thanks to their inherent pack menta

WALK: Best places for walks in Wales with your dog

No one can deny, Wales has an epic landscape, especially for dog walking! From breath-taking mountain ranges to the dramatic coastline, your pooch will be positively spoilt with places to walk and sniff! So, we’ve hand-picked our favourite spots in Wales where you can stretch your pet’s four legs…

Four-legged friends will love following their nose along (parts of) this 870-mile coastal path! In 2012, it became the world’s first uninterrupted route along a national coast and is a fantastic way f

PLAY: Top Dog-friendly Things to do in Wales

With a breath-taking coastline, seemingly endless countryside and bustling cities, Wales has it all for a fantastic break away with your pet. Here are the top things you and your canine companion can do…

Wales is well-known for its dramatic coastline which is among the safest and cleanest in the world. One of Wales’ National Parks even covers 186 miles of the coast! Both the Gower and Llŷn Peninsulas are fantastic to visit with your pooch and you and Fido will find countless trails to enjoy. Al
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